Mayors throughout Colombia are reinstating stay at home and restrictions orders while christmas

The measures follow a sharp increase in registered coronavirus infections and a surge in hospitalizations that threaten to collapse municipal healthcare facilities. Bogota The mayor of the capital Bogota, Claudia … Leer más

President Iván Duque signed off a decree granting free access to COVID-19 vaccine

The president issues a decree giving citizens free access to vaccines that would dramatically reduce the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed more than 38,000 people in Colombia … Leer más

Colombia’s government is urging citizens to avoid crowds and celebrate Christmas with only their household

The Andean country, which looks set to hit 1.5 million confirmed cases of the respiratory disease before Christmas, held more than five months of lockdown earlier this year. The quarantine … Leer más

Colombia hopes the new U.S. government will maintain a $5 billion investment in the country

Colombia hopes the U.S. government under President-elect Joe Biden will maintain a $5 billion investment program to boost economic and social development, as well as improve security in regions affected … Leer más

Senator Roy Barreras received a harsh response, after proposing the revocation of the mandate of President Iván Duque

Congressmen of the Democratic Center headed by Santiago Valencia and Ciro Ramírez said that it is curious that whoever stole from Caprecom and Esap intends, with the double standard that … Leer más