Children Who Survived Plane Crash and Jungle Ordeal Now at Risk of Being Kidnapped for Ransom

Battling Danger: The Remarkable Journey of Four Kids Who Survived a Plane Crash and Jungle Ordeal

The four children who miraculously survived a tragic plane crash in Colombia and endured 40 terrifying days in the jungle now face a new danger    they have become prime targets for kidnapping. Tonight, a documentary by TMZ will shed light on their incredible story of survival, raising the question of what lies ahead for them. These children, who were 13, 9, 4, and 11 months old at the time of the crash, have become national celebrities in Colombia.

From Survival to Vulnerability: The Perils Faced by Four Resilient Children

However, the country’s landscape makes ransom a common currency, and high-profile individuals often become targets for abduction. As the children recover physically and emotionally, government officials are grappling with the question of who should take care of them, with safety being a paramount concern. While one might assume that their father would be the natural choice, a bitter custody battle has erupted between him and the maternal grandparents. The grandparents allege that the father, Manuel Ranoque, was physically abusive towards the children’s mother, even resorting to violence with a machete. The father vehemently denies these allegations, claiming he never harmed his late wife or the children.

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