The Bill for Cannabis Sales Disapproved by the Colombian Senate

Narrow Defeat: Colombia Senate Rejects Bill for Legal Cannabis Sales

According to Reuters, the Colombian Senate rejected a bill on Tuesday that aimed to legalize the sale of cannabis to adults. Despite having majority support in the chamber, with 47 senators in favor and 43 opposed, the bill fell short of the required support of 54 senators needed for it to pass as a constitutional amendment, lacking just seven votes.

Uphill Battle: Colombian Senate Falls Short of Approving Cannabis Sales Bill

However, Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velasco expressed on Twitter that the administration of President Gustavo Petro would continue to push for this issue. Liberal Party Senator Juan Carlos Losada also mentioned in an interview with La Prensa Latina that he doesn’t view the vote as a «defeat.»

The proposed legislation contained regulations to prohibit the use and sale of cannabis and its derivatives in educational institutions, as well as limitations on public consumption. Currently, Colombia permits certain cannabis products for medical purposes, such as oils and creams. Previous reforms from the 1980s and 1990s allow for personal cannabis use and cultivation of up to 20 plants.

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