Colombia Reduces Alert Level at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano After 89 Days

 Decreased Volcanic Activity: Nevado del Ruiz Alert Level Lowered to Yellow

Colombia’s geological service announced on Tuesday that it would downgrade the activity level at the Nevado del Ruiz volcano to yellow. This decision comes after the alert level was raised in March due to increased seismic activity, which raised concerns about a potential eruption. As a precautionary measure, the government had raised the alert level to orange and conducted evacuations to ensure people’s safety.

Historical Context: Remembering the 1985 Disaster at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano

However, after 89 days, the geological service stated on Twitter that the volcano has entered a period of reduced instability. The Nevado del Ruiz volcano is a composite volcano situated on the border between Tolima and Caldas provinces in Colombia. It gained notoriety in 1985 when its eruption triggered massive avalanches of earth and rock fragments, resulting in the loss of over 25,000 lives and causing Colombia’s most significant natural disaster.

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