Why You Should Question Taking any Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine: Gregory Grzegorzyk

I’m telling All – both as a vaccine victim and Big Pharma operative

Since publishing this article, I’ve had at least 5 attorneys from Big Pharma download this article. If you’re either a Big Pharma company or lawyer, please contact me directly if you have any questions about the veracity of of my claims or if you have any problem with the content, let me know what your issue is – Thank you!

In this article, I’m going to expose my personal experience as a victim of mandatory vaccine programs by the Big Gov-Big Pharma cartel, and also my professional experience as a director of data science and sales operations for Big Pharma. Why take the professional risk of exposing how Big Pharma works?

You are the reason why I am taking a risk by exposing Big Pharma’s secrets

My goal is to arm with you with the knowledge to make a more informed decision if and when a coronavirus vaccine appears, so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that when – not if a coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine appears, that governments will make it mandatory for their citizens and may go so far as to require us to carry a vaccine card

History often repeats itself if we don’t learn our lessons from how Big Gov and Big Pharma collude for power and profit, under the guise of public safety. An excellent example is the MANDATORY Swine Flu vaccine of 1976, and I have included my story and this vintage 60 Minutes episode by Mike Wallace on how corrupt Big Pharma colluded with Big Gov.

60 Minutes the Swine Flu ‘Threat’ and mandatory vaccines for profit

If you look closely, you’ll see a doctor injecting Swine Flu vaccine into people with an air-gun. This is how I received the Swine Flu vaccine in 1976. It was later discovered that not only was the Swine Flu vaccine causing neurological injuries and death, but this new air-gun was not being sterilized between patients (as in the video), and contributing to all manner of infectious disease transmission, such as Hepatitis and Herpes. That’s how reckless doctors, Big Pharma, and Big Gov can be when it comes to profit over public health.

Doctor Anthony Fauci, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Big Pharma’s are singing in perfect hamony. The «Decade of Vaccines» program is the song sheet. They are taking the same hysteric and draconian approach as they did for the infamously corrupt Swine Flu vaccine, so we have a template in understanding how Big Pharma pushes their vaccines through NGOs like the Gates Foundation, and propagates HYSTERIA via main stream media and then using Big Gov as the muscle to enforce vaccine policy.

More than 80% of coronavirus carriers recover fast – Less than 1% die

We are now reading how coronavirus fatalities are being inflated. Most deaths in the USA are caused by heart disease and cancer. What’s apparently happening is that if Uncle Bob dies of a heart attack and is one of those retirees who is asymptomatic (not showing signs of coronavirus), the medical examiner is required to list CORONAVIRUS as the cause.

Dr. Anthony Fauci lacks the professional integrity or common sense to even consider anything beyond his coronavirus counter-measures edicts, such as the impact of his heavy-handed quarantines on mental health, youth suicide, or increased abuse of alchol and drugs. He’s supposedly

Juiced-up data make the case for quarantines and mandatory vaccines

That’s why charts like this from well-meaning organizations just propagate the fraudulent inflated numbers. If you subtracted the true heart disease, cancer, and other non-coronavirus deaths from the gold bar, the ratio of Covid-19 cases would drop toward the bottom of the chart where it correctly belongs.

This is a type of fraud forced on medical examiners if this is true. We do KNOW that the reported rate of 2-4% for coronavirus deaths is GROSSLY overstated because the number of asymptomatic cases are being left out of the calculation, even though statistically significant sampling tests could reveal the truth

I’m living in Medelllin, Colombia at present. Let me give you an analogy. Each day I receive short video clips from an associate where someone on a bicycle or car uses their cell phone to show bodies here and there on the street or sidewalk in some LATAM country. In every video, the person exclaims in Spanish, «Oh my GOD!!! Another CORONAVIRUS death! We’re dropping like FLIES» These useful idiots are just perpetrating the hysteria. Most of these bodies on the streets and sidewalks are the elderly who are dying in their homes of heart disease and cancer during these heavy-handed quarantines. Their family members then respectfully cover grandpa or grandma up in a blanket and place the body outside because of the stench. Some of course (less than 2% are in fact killed by coronavirus).

Neither Big Gov nor Big Pharma seem interested in statistically significant sampling into specific geographies to obtain a more accurate death rate. I wonder why, when such testing could be done quickly, cost-effectively and accurately. Iceland, to their credit, ran such a test and found that 50% of coronavirus cases are asymptomatic, so if this is accurate for the USA, then the death rate is HALF or even less the stated official number.

Don’t be an ‘Anti-vaxer’ – Be an ‘Informed-vaxer’

Lest you think that I’m an ‘Anti-Vaxer’, I believe that there are overwhelming benefits to several vaccines that have years of safe effective use. I am pro smart use of vaccines, not simply because they are among Big Pharma’s most profitable products and the darlings of doctors due to profit margin. I might even support an ‘experimental’ vaccine if the a cost-benefit analysis greatly favors taking the vaccine.

Big Pharma knows what’s best: «Do as we say – Not as we do!»

Big Pharma can also be absurdly hypocritical: I was working at a company that makes genetic computer chips for government biological laboratories like the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and genetic engineering companies such as Genentech.

The company’s splendid cafeteria was managed by Guckenheimer, the best and most exclusive provider in San Francisco. When Guckenheimer took over the operation, the food immediately improved overnight. The various food stations had engraved plaques hanging from the sneeze panels, «We only serve organic NON GMO». Our facilities management team sent us all emails extolling the virtues of NON GMO Guckenheimer organic food, even though our entire business model was based on creating the science behind GMO food.

Another example of Big Pharma double-standards (one for us and one for you) is when I received an email from our marketing department containing a new PDF brochure they created, recommending about 36 vaccines for children at various year milestones. I called our Chief Marketing Officer, and asked:

«This brochure looks fantastic, but would you give your child 36 shots?» She responded, «Are you out of your mind? Of course not!«

You have a choice – Take the vaccine or be thrown in jail and forced to!

At age 19, I was forced to take the experimental Swine Flu vaccine while serving in the Navy in 1976, when President Ford mandated it for the armed forces. Nobody I knew on base had Swine Flu, and I felt fantastic and strong but I took it to avoid being thrown in the brig. It was a similar time of panic and the vaccine was so dangerous, that our government indemnified (protected from law suits) Merck, Marion Merrell Dow, Parke-Davis and other Big Pharma manufacturers.

I have never been more ill than a day after receiving the Swine Flu vaccine

The new Swine Flu vaccine I was forced to take made me sicker than I have ever been in my life before or since. I could barely crawl out of my bunk to use the toilet. It gave me a high fever, uncontrollable shivering, soaked my mattress in my sweat, produced body aches, and hallucinations that I had two heads on my shoulder for a moment. Oddly, the vaccine only adversely effected young people on our base. After three days, when I returned to normal, I swore to myself that I would never take another vaccine if I suspect it’s based more on panic, politics and profit than SCIENCE. Later, I learned that I was one of the lucky. Others had been permanently paralyzed or died as a result of this mandatory experimental vaccine.

Why I question Big Pharma and Big Gov

With regard to the wisdom of either Big Pharma or Big Gov, let me share with you my experience leading marketing data science and sales operations for Big Pharma.

I preface the following critique by stating here that I admire and respect our medical practitioners as well as government emergency responders and level headed leaders like Senator Rand Paul and others in both parties. My contention is with those at the top of the pyramid who have put powerpolitics, and profit ahead of the public’s interest.

The big secret Big Pharma would rather that you not know

Big pharma employs an ARMY of specialists to win government approvals, favorable insurance coverage decisions for their diagnostics/tests and vaccines, and adoption of their products by your physicians. Big Pharma would prefer that you not know how devious, calculating, and driven by greed they truly are. Let me expose to you a simplified explanation of their Order of Battle from an insider’s view.

Big Pharma’s Generals

We hire Medical Science Liaison (MSL) professionals, these are top doctors in their specialty. Their job is to cultivate Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) outside the company. KOLs are considered by their peers the top subject matter experts in their field like Doctor Anthony Fauci. These targets of opportunity can earn many thousands of dollars in ‘Speaking Fees’ and trips to conferences.

While speaking fees can add up to significant money quickly, the biggest type of transactions can be conducted through off-shore banks, hidden from reporting. Here’s an example just one such account for Celtic Pharma Vaccine Ltd. If you click on the image, it will take you to the source on https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/82007379.

No alt text provided for this image

Can I say definitively that any of these 278 pharma companies with secret offshore accounts were paying off politicians, doctors, or KOLs? Not without a lot more investigative research. That said, ask yourself, «Why would so many Big Pharma and vaccine companies need a secret offshore account to begin with?

Initial Panama Papers reports identified five heads of state and government officials, close relatives, and close associates of various heads of government of more than forty other countries, including the United States of America.

Celtic Pharma Vaccine Ltd. and 278 other entities with ‘Pharma’ in their name surfaced as a result of the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers release. There are likely many thousands more of individuals tied either directly or indirectly to Big Pharma because using off-shore banks was and still is a conduit for A) Secret payoffs B) Tax evasion C) Transfer of criminal funds. If I were a highly placed official and wanted to coordinate a bribe by any one of these 278 Big Pharma Panama Paper secret bank accounts, we could arrange it under my wife’s maiden name, so that even a search on https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/ would not reveal the direct connection between me, the government official, and them, the Big Pharma company.

Very often, MSLs and KOLs already have a professional and social relationship going back to medical school, so it’s very incestuous to begin with. All of them are in the top 1% of intelligence, and charm.

Speaking of incestuous relationships:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, is up to his neck in the vaccine business of Big Pharma, and he should RECUSE himself from any decision process leading to the imposition of a mandatory coronavirus / COVID-19 vaccine because of his OBVIOUS conflicts of interest!

Even though the left-leaning Wikipedia doesn’t mention it, Fauci is in the leaders’ circle of the «Decade of Vaccines» program that is part of The Global Vaccine Action Plan. Fauci is joined in his Decade of Vaccines program with Dr. Tachi Yamada. Mr. Yamada also happens to be President of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The «Decade of Vaccines» program has as sponsors the top names in the for-profit vaccine industry as I show below. Dr. Antony Fauci is no saint as anointed by main stream media. The man exhibits traits of Napoleon complex and is now talking about a mandatory government vaccination card each of us would have to carry.

The public deserves to know how money Fauci has received for sitting on boards, roles in NGOs, or Big Pharma grant requests Fauci has accepted for ‘Speaking Fees’, dinners, paid trips, and the like over his career in public service. If we asked the ‘good doctor’ if he has ever received from or been connected to, by way of family members, any off-shore bank account would his answer be an unequivocal, «No.»? Why isn’t the press asking him these questions?

Big Pharma’s Special Forces

There are of course Sales Operations (SOPS) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). One of the most effective ‘Special Forces’ are the data scientists who license specialized data to diagram the reporting structure and corporate networks of executives at hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies. These social diagrams enable their team to identify and target key decision makers. Their goal is to gain approvals, insurance coverage, and get politicians, like the former Governor of Texas, Rick Perry to mandate the HPV vaccine Gardasil for boys. Perry later reversed his opinion after public outcry from mothers.

No alt text provided for this image

My own review: Gardasil – ‘The Anticancer Vaccination’ (Sure it is…)

I looked into this HPV vaccine based on the materials provided by the manufacturers because I have a daughter who was in the target age group, and at the time GlaxoSmithKline was advocating a three shot series for girls. I analyzed their marketing materials and it appeared to me from their own small print and deeper analysis that girls could achieve comparable protection with none of the potential side effects by practicing good sex hygiene. If there’s a medical professional reading this or an attorney from GlaxoSmithKline, feel free to correct my personal assessment.

Further, the group that would benefit most from Gardasil didn’t seem to be young females from middle class families who practice safe sex and squeaky clean hygiene, but instead drug-addicted sex workers who practice unsafe sex with their clients.

No alt text provided for this image

However, sex workers with drug dependencies do not represent as large, easily persuaded, and profitable a segment, nor are they likely to complete the entire three shot regimen, so I understand why Glaxo would push their vaccine on little girls. I gave them the benefit of a doubt until I learned that their ARMY launched a campaign to persuade politicians to mandate their HPV vaccine for boys, like my younger son.

Mandatory vaccines are every Big Pharma’s wet dream

The only thing MORE profitable than obtaining government approvals and insurance coverage for a new Big Pharma vaccine is if your company can persuade politicians to make your vaccine MANDATORY. This will be a risk once a coronavirus vaccine is developed.

In conclusion ladies and germs:

I hope this article provided you some insights to make a more informed decision on whether or not to take a mandated government coronavirus vaccine if and when the day comes. We can learn from the Swine Flu fraud perpetrated on the American public by Big Pharma and Big Gov, or choose to ignore the lesson at our peril.

As the adage goes, «Fool me once – Shame on you! Fool me twice – Shame on me!» Well, unless you’re half in the bag, then you can make up your own adages

I shared with you a few personal stories to illustrate that neither Big Pharma nor Big Gov should be completely trusted to do what’s best for you, your family, your employer or business.

That said, my career experiences were overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone I met or had the opportunity to work with was bright, friendly, and professional. Government gave me the opportunity to learn Spanish and Russian, advanced electronics, cryptology, and Nuclear Biologic Chemical (NBC) warfare. Big Pharma enabled me to optimize field sales teams, work with chief scientists on advanced analytics, and promote valuable medical tests to improve our quality and length of life.

Continue to stand up for what’s best for you by speaking out, writing comments online, and contacting your political leaders today. I wish you all health, and increased prosperity and happiness!

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