«She didn’t feel her death»: Husband of Colombian murdered in California

The municipality of El Molino, in La Guajira, is shocked after the death in a California shootout of Lurvis Vence, a 51-year-old guajiran woman who was heading overland to San Francisco on one of the trips she loved to make, according to her husband Elvis Duarte.

They had been married for 36 years and had three children, all of whom were adults and professionals. for Elvis his wife did not feel her death because she was asleep when the man began to shoot.

The Chancellery told another of our journalists that Lurvis’ family would take care of all the process for the repatriation of the body.

Authorities in the United States captured the assailant who witnesses muttered inconsistencies before they began firing inside the bus they were traveling in provoking the scene in which, in addition to Lurvis’ death, five people were injured.

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