Tourists are currently not permitted to enter Colombia

On August 31st, many South American countries, including Colombia, Argentina and Peru, had border closure regulations that were set to expire.

No one knew if they were going to extend the border closures once again, or remove them, jump-starting the reopening of much of the continent.

However, the expirations were met with many extensions, resulting in South America still being very much sealed up for tourism.

Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile all had current border closure regulations that were set to expire on August 31st. Of those 5 nations, only Bolivia made any announcement of resuming international flights, while the other 4 quietly extended their border closures.

Colombia extended their border closure until October 1st, even sealing up land and river borders between neighboring nations, with the exception of transport of essential cargo or humanitarian emergencies.

Tourists are currently not permitted to enter Colombia.

Humanitarian flights are still bringing home stranded Colombians and many are set to arrive into the nation between September 4th and 15th.

Colombia wants to restrict airspace for these humanitarian flights, which is another reason for extending the ban on tourism for another month. Flights brining home nationals are expected to depart from Miami, New York, Panama, Spain, Chile, Aruba, Brazil, Australia and Argentina over the next few weeks.

There are currently two South American nations that are open for general tourism, Ecuador and Brazil. Uruguay is slowing starting to reopen to neighbouring nations and select EU nations but is still closed for general tourism.

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