Coljuegos: tax returns efficiency supports governance of the market

Coljuegos, Colombia’s national gambling regulator, revealed that gambling industry’s tax returns effiency amounted to $201.944 USD last year, with a portion of the money set to be disbursed to the country national health service.

Last year’s figure represents about 16 percent rise over and above the $164.839 USD tax returns efficiency in 2018.

A breakdown of revenues shows that local bingos and gambling halls generate close to 57 percent of last year’s returns, which is more than the $873.268 USD mark collected for the health services since it became operational 8 years ago.

Online gambling tax revenues went up 81 percent, which represents a 10 percent in overall income.

While updating stakeholders, Juan Perez Hidalgo, the President at Coljuegos, stated the industry’s improved revenues and tax returns efficiency supported governance of the market.

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