#FueraCubaDeColombia: protest in social media against announcement of mayor of Santa Marta

A hard controversy was taken by social networks users in Colombia by the announcement of the mayor of Santa Marta, Virna Johnson, to sign an agreement for strengthening of topics like sports, education and health with Cuba.

The announcement of the Santa Marta ruler was made after a meeting with the island’s ambassador to Colombia, José Luis Ponce.

«Today we had a meeting with The Ambassador of Cuba in Colombia, Dr. José Luis Ponce. We’ve been advancing on different issues that we know that they, with the experience they’ve had over many decades, can help us in the Santa Marta district», she said.

«Explicitly, health, sport and education issues, we are going to move forward first in a framework agreement and then in specific agreements in each of these aspects and we have agreed that in sports we can collaborate with training coaches aimed at high-performance sport,» she said.

«Related to health we’re going to have an exchange of successful experiences that has to do with health to the neighborhood,» she added.

«In education, we are going to advance teacher training and the exchange of experiences,» she said.

Following the spread of the news, there was rejection by several sectors of opinion on social media such as Twitter, where the trend #FueraCubaDeColombia dominated the digital conversation.

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