Coronavirus update: China enacts tighter restrictions in city of Hubei


China is tightening curbs on movement in Hubei province as it battles the outbreak of new coronavirus.

Sixty-million people have been told to stay at home unless there is an emergency, and the use of private cars has been banned indefinitely.

Hubei and the city of Wuhan have been hit hardest by the outbreak, which has now claimed 1,665 lives in China.

But China has announced a drop in new cases for a third consecutive day and says it is controlling the spread.

The order to stay at home does have exceptions, such as an emergency. In addition, a single person from each household will be allowed to leave the building every three days to buy food and essential items.

On housing estates, one entrance will be kept open. It will be guarded to ensure that only residents can enter or leave.

All other businesses will stay closed, except chemists, hotels, food shops and medical services.

Vehicles used for the delivery of essential goods are exempt from the car ban

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said that along with a drop in infections within Hubei there had been a rapid increase in the number of people who had recovered.

Meanwhile, authorities in the capital, Beijing, have ordered everyone returning to the city to go into quarantine for 14 days or risk punishment.

China’s central bank will also disinfect and store used banknotes before recirculating them in a bid to stop the virus spreading.

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