A colombian woman dead in California Greyhound bus shooting


A colombian woman was killed and five people were wounded in an early Monday morning shooting aboard a Greyhound bus south of Bakersfield, authorities said.

The bus, which originated in Los Angeles, was heading north on Interstate 5 to the Bay Area when the incident occurred in Lebec near Kern County. Forty-three people were on the bus, including the driver, when the incident happened.

The alleged shooter was aboard the bus when he opened fire.

After the shooting, the bus driver pulled over to the right shoulder and was able to convince the alleged shooter to voluntarily leave the bus, authorities said in a news conference.

Police said they were able to take the man into custody without incident. They were unable to ID the alleged shooter, nor provide a motive.

One wounded passenger was air-evacuated, and the other wounded passengers were taken to the hospital. A couple of the wounded were in serious condition, the police spokesperson said.

The deceased woman was 51 years old and was identified by her passport as colombian.

“The bus driver acted quickly and was able to pull over and stop,” the police spokesman said. He commended the driver’s professionalism in resolving the situation.

Authorities said the situation is stable and there’s no longer a threat to the public.

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