NATO starts cooperation with Colombia in defence education

On 2-6 May 2022, NATO staff visited Colombia to discuss prospects of enhanced cooperation between NATO and Colombia, notably in the domain of defence education, within the framework of NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme.

The aim of this programme is to improve the professionalization of Colombian military education and to achieve greater interoperability between Colombian and Allied military forces.

The NATO team met with a range of counterparts at various military educational institutions of Colombia, including the Superior School of War (Escuela Superior de Guerra) and three pre-commissioned military academies for the Army in Bogota, Air Forces in Cali and Navy in Cartagena. Amongst the topics discussed were the enhancement of the current curriculum, faculty development, English language training and testing in accordance with NATO standards, as well as development of e-learning systems.

The Deputy Minister of Colombian National Defence, Mr. Jairo Garcia Guerrero stressed that: “it is key for the Colombian defence education system to establish a cooperative relationship with NATO educational structures, in order to share best practices and strengthen educational capabilities related to defence”.


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