Russian cannibal who killed three friends & ate them jailed for life

Eduard Seleznev Arkhangelsk Cannibal from Russia has life sentence upheld after killing three friends & eating them. Previously convicted for double murder. 

A Russian cannibal who murdered three friends and ate parts of their bodies has been jailed for life. 

Eduard Seleznev, 51, from Arkhangelsk in the north-western region of Arkhangelsk Oblast, was convicted of killing three friends between March 2016 and March 2017.

Known as the ‘Arkhangelsk Cannibal’, Seleznev admitted stabbing his friends – aged 59, 43 and 34 – to death while they were passed out drunk, before boiling their bodies and eating their cooked remains.

A court sentenced Selezney to life behind bars in March of 2020 with no chance of parole. Following an unsuccessful appeal by his lawyers the man’s sentence was upheld earlier this week by Russia’s Supreme Court according to Russian media.

The victims – who have not been named – were sliced up by Seleznev, who kept the flesh he wanted to eat in plastic bags and dumped the rest in a local river. 

Told victims parents son had moved to new city for work

Details included Seleznev moving into one of his victim’s flats after he killed and ate him, telling the man’s parents their son had gone to work in another city.

He repeated the same story to police officers who started a missing person investigation.

His other two victims did not have family to look for them the dailymail reported.

The court heard Seleznev also cooked local cats, dogs, birds and other small animals found on the streets. 

Russian cannibal kills three friends and eats them
Pictured, Eduard Seleznev Russian Cannibal.

Previous double murder

When the bodies of the men were eventually discovered, police said the advanced state of decay and the condition after they had been partially cut up made them difficult to identify.

Seleznev was previously sentenced for double murder with the man released from prison after serving only 13 years.

Psychiatrists declared him sane and fully responsible for killing his three friends with the serial killer ordered to stand trial again for his latest crimes.

The Russian criminal code does not include cannibalism so the defendant was on trial for murder and misusing the victims’ body parts.

The Russian Supreme Court – after re-evaluating all the evidence – sentenced Seleznev to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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