The Coming Assault on Red States

‘I don’t see red states and blue states’, said Joe Biden in the final presidential debate, borrowing a line from Barack Obama. He must not have examined the policies that he and Democrats in Congress are pushing that would do disproportional harm to Republican states, especially in the South, while favoring Democratic states. Let’s examine four policies in particular:

• A $15 nationwide minimal wage. Mr. Biden helps it and Home Democrats final 12 months voted to boost the federal minimal in $1.10 annual increments to $15 per hour in 2027 from the present $7.25 ground.

Mr. Biden says a federal $15 minimal received’t hurt small companies. However the labor market isn’t nationwide. It varies by state and area based mostly on the dominant industries, labor provide and value of residing. The Labor Division says 21 states plus Puerto Rico had a $7.25 minimal wage as of Sept. 1. Ten of these are Southern states with decrease per capita incomes than the Northeast or West Coast.

Their small companies could be harm excess of New York ($11.80 minimal wage) and California ($12), the place the state minimal is already headed to $15. Seven blue states and 28 cities have imposed a minimal of $15 or larger that may kick in over the subsequent seven years.

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