Roy Barreras could be implicated again in a corruption scandal in the health system, after being linked to corrupt maneuvers within Caprecom. In this case, it would be through his friend and party partner Miguel Ángel Duarte Quintero and his company Dumian Medical, to whom the SaludCoop settlement agent, Ángela María Echeverri, delegated by the presidency of Juan Manuel Santos, would sell the expropriated clinics by the past government to the cooperative sector at low prices.

The Valle del Cauca senator for the Party of the U, Roy Barreras, was at the top of power during the 8 years of the Santos government, becoming one of the main defenders of the Havana Peace Accords with the FARC. During this time and for strange reasons, multiple complaints against him slept the sleep of the just, including about 20 investigations opened by the Supreme Court of Justice and the Council of State, as well as complaints to the General Attorney for being implicated in corruption within the intervention of the EPS SaludCoop and the Caprecom debacle.

According to confidential sources, within the audit directed by Ángela María Echeverri, there have already been visits by people from Dumian Medical to different clinics in Cali and Bogotá and also paperwork has been advanced in order to deliver the aforementioned clinics that are in the hands of the State to the company of Roy Barreras friend.

Employees of the Jorge Piñeros Corpas (Bogotá) and Cali Norte clinics, which were built in the times of SaludCoop with surplus from the cooperative assets of said EPS, confirmed to this media that people from the company Dumian Medical have visited said hospital facilities, with the authorization of the settlement agent Echeverri, a fact that reveals a clear intention to hand over facilities, that are currently public goods, to Roy Barreras’ great friend.

The Dumian medical contracts in the era Santos

The friendship between Barreras and Miguel Ángel Duarte is so close, that Duarte was one of the guests at the exclusive and luxurious wedding of the Valle del Cauca politician from the Party of the U. In addition, the firm of this businessman from Cucuta, Dumian Medical, had contracts during the Santos government and with his support, for the astronomical sum of 89 billion pesos in the time of Guillermo Grosso, who was a protégé of Barreras and the Party of the U and is now behind bars for having used the public function for personal benefit, as determined by the Prosecutor’s Office. Grosso managed an extortion cartel together with Eva Carrascal and Norman Julio Muño within the Ministry of Health, which at that time was directed by Alejandro Gaviria, current Principal of the Universidad de los Andes and one of the greatest bishops of former President Juan Manuel Santos.

Let us remember that the Dumian Medical company bears the initials of its owner: Duarte Miguel Ángel.

Roy Barreras has sought to have inference in SaludCoop since before the intervention took place, including executives of the health sector who prefer to remain anonymous for fear of threats, have affirmed that said measure was nothing more than a retaliation from the Senator of the Party of the U, because the cooperative administration that owned the entity did not want to give participation to their personal businesses, a fact that has been corroborated by investigations, which have distorted the accounting analyzes on which the intervention was based. See Note “In SaludCoop there was no diversion of resources”.

Roy Barreras is a doctor who has held parliamentary dignities for almost 15 years, he arrived at the congress with the Radical Change party as Representative to the Chamber and in 2009 he was expelled from said party for “disloyalty”, which is why he fell into the awnings of the Party of the U, where he would become a bishop of Juan Manuel Santos, supporting the arrival to Congress and the delivery of concessions to the FARC guerrillas.

Who is Miguel Ángel Duarte Quintero

This great healthcare businessman, little known in national settings, of North Santander origin but who has made a career in Valle del Cauca (and who was invited to the marriage of Roy Barreras a few years ago), obtained business deals for more than half a billion pesos.

Through companies that he presides as Comitet Ltda, Duana y Cía Ltda. And Comercializadora Duarquint, three large tenders that total more than 525 billion pesos. Curiously, in all of them he was the only proposer.

One was that of the Police to supply medications for three years, for $ 313,656,960,212 pesos; another one is of the National Railways Liability Fund to provide health services to pensioners of that entity between 2015 and 2017, for 122 billion pesos; and the third was the auction that Caprecom made to lease its clinic in Cartagena for 15 years, with a purchase option, which cost 108 billion pesos.

Information taken from

Duarte, a powerful contractor investigated

But in addition, Miguel Ángel Duarte would currently be participating as a proponent among the candidates to stay with the EPS Cruz Blanca that has operations in Cali, Medellín and Bogotá, as it appears in the data room to which this investigative journalism portal had confidential access.

The friend and confidant of Congressman Barreras is one of those contractors who have profited from the health business for a long time and it would be important for the Attorney General’s Office to review their business ties and possible donations to the campaigns to the Senate of Barreras, since there are serious precedents In Duarte’s medical record, an insurance measure was even issued against him in 2000, due to a serious favoring case that was ruled against him by the State Council when he was part of the society that provided health services to the Magisterium, through the Associated Doctor‘s institution, and later through the Cosmitet firm. See: Consultation with the Council on the Duarte case.

Even so, during the Government of Santos and under a great cloak of doubts, in an auction that should be investigated by the control agencies, one of the companies of Duarte’s emporium was the allotted administration for 15 years of the Cartagena Clinic, an insitution linked to Caprecom.

Barrera’s companies

As proof of his interests and participation in negotiating health, Barreras owned 79% of the IPS of Cali, Barreras Medicina Alternativa, a company of which the remaining 20% belonged to Barreras y CIA SAS, a real estate company also owned by him, setting up a Round Business by owning the clinics and offering health services.

When he exercised full power as electoral baron and political bishop of Juan Manuel Santos, Barreras was denounced by the media because his wife Gloria Arizabaleta was on the verge of being appointed Deputy Director of the disappeared Caprecom, facts that added to the dark past of Barreras’s wife in the liquidation of Calisalud, they frustrated this appointment.

Sources from the hospital sector maintain that Roy Barreras is supposedly behind the destruction of the Colombian health system through a dark network of corruption, which has caused the death of thousands of patients.

Roy Barreras is a politician who has a terrible image at the national level, he leads one of the political parties that has led the biggest corruption and crime scandals in Colombia. Investigations were recently opened to him for his interference and possible patronage within the Superior School of Public Administration (ESAP), which together with his alleged participation in serious cases such as SolSalud, Caprecom and SaludCoop would configure a corrupt network from which this politician allegedly would have enriched for years, if these serious accusations are proven, one of the architects of the Havana accords could end up behind bars.


$ 1,200 million entangle a thief, a patrolman and a senator

One of the most forceful blows that the Police in Cali dealt against organized crime occurred last March. And despite the fact that it was an impeccable intelligence operation, it was not celebrated with joy because among the detainees there were 13 active members of the institution.

But what most attracted attention and was a source of shame within the Police itself, is that two of those uniformed men (a deputy mayor and a patrolman) were related to collaborating directly with a feared band from Cali, the ‘R15’.

That gang made history in the capital of Valle not only because of the cinematic robberies of armored cars, banks and mafia safes, but also because in its criminal wake they assassinated several uniformed men.

All these details were known during the arrest legalization hearing that was held last March and led by the specialized prosecutor Iván Aguirre, well known in Cali for his great nose and strong hand against crime.

Precisely at that hearing, a rumor that spread in the city since 2012 but was never publicly confirmed was officially known: the alleged theft of 1,200 million pesos from a safe that was in an apartment of Senator Roy Barreras.

And the news was given by the prosecutor Aguirre himself during his allegations at the aforementioned hearing to legalize the capture of patrolman Óscar Hernán Pinilla, apprehended along with the other 12 policemen accused of collaborating with criminal gangs.

The focus is on that patrolman, because he was precisely pointed out by one of the R15 heads as being the gang’s collaborator, providing information and protecting them from the judicial processes that were opened against them.

The importance of Pinilla lies in the fact that he was the investigator of the Unit against robberies of the Sijín from the police institution, in Cali. As if to say, the mouse taking care of the cheese.

And the one who pointed him out of such complicity was nothing more and nothing less than the feared John Mario Hortúa, also known as ‘Pinocho’, former head of the R15, captured last year with two of his cronies.

The prosecutor Aguirre tells (to demonstrate the connection between the patrolman Pinilla and the R15) that Pinocho, in one of the judicial interviews, confessed that one of the millionaire robberies in which Pinilla helped, was precisely the one perpetrated in the year 2012 in an apartment that belonged to Senator Roy Barreras. “(…) La Flora Residential Unit. That the safe contained approximately 1,200 million pesos”.

you should have heard the fuss, because the questions that many are asking is what a senator was doing with all that cash, where it came from and, if it was stolen, why did he not report it.

Although it is a fact that is not new for the people of Cali and much less for Senator Barreras, the striking thing is that this rumor was confirmed by one of the criminals who participated in the robbery and now the information is part of a trial that is brought forward by a case of criminal complicity between policemen and thieves.

Since then and to date, Senator Barreras has denied ad nauseam that the theft of 1,200 million pesos is true. This Wednesday he told Blu Radio that he does not know where that sum of money comes from and jokingly refers to the judicial version: «if they found 1,200 million, they should give them back to me because I have never seen them in my life.»

As he did in 2012, Barreras also specified that the apartment where the robbery occurred is his, but that at the time of that event he no longer lived in it, but it was inhabited by his lifelong driver and his wife.

This portal consulted that version with a police authority of the time and confirmed what the senator said, «at that time they only spoke of some small jewels that were stolen from the driver’s wife, but nothing regarding the supposed 1,200 million pesos», said the source who asked to omit his name.

However, in some Cali circles they give credibility to Pinocho’s statement, for a simple reason: the majority of the R15 victims were drug traffickers or people with illegal money, so that once the hit was executed they would not report it, because they had no way to prove the legal provenance of the loot.

What follows now is to wait if the patrolman Pinilla decides to collaborate with justice and confesses all his misdeeds. And also, incidentally, clarifies if there really was the famous theft of the 1,200 million pesos that supposedly were kept in a safe in the apartment of Senator Roy Barreras.


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