The story of Pablo Escobar’s Cadillac

Pablo Escobar, the notorious Colombian drug lord, was known for his extravagant lifestyle, and his collection of luxury cars was a testament to his wealth and power. One of the most interesting cars in his collection was a 1947 Cadillac, which had a rich and fascinating history.

The Cadillac was originally purchased by Al Capone’s son in 1947 to give as a birthday present to his father, but due to Al Capone’s death that same week, the car was never given. A Colombian collector and president of Banco de Colombia later purchased the car for his private collection. When Pablo Escobar learned about the car’s history, he decided to add it to his own collection of luxury cars.

After Escobar’s death, one of his right-hand men, Rafico, hid the car. It remained in a private garage until another collector of classic cars, Carlos Escobar, purchased it from the son of one of Rafico’s partners, Simon Blanco.

In conclusion, the 1947 Cadillac owned by Pablo Escobar was more than just a luxurious car. Its rich history and connection to two of the most notorious figures in American and Colombian history make it a fascinating piece of automotive history

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