In the United States they ask the prosecutor to investigate visits by Iván Cepeda to federal prisons in that country

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart assures that these meetings «would raise disturbing doubts about whether an international actor has access to prisoners in the United States, for corrupt purposes» specifically in the case of Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

Republican Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart on Wednesday asked US General Attorney William Barr to assist him in an investigation to determine whether Senator Iván Cepeda’s visits to paramilitaries in US prisons violated the laws. laws of the country and served to commit acts of corruption or interference in judicial proceedings.

In a letter obtained by this newspaper, Diaz-Balart explains to Barr that numerous press reports indicate that Cepeda visited Juan Carlos Sierra Ramírez, alias the ‘Tuso Sierra’, in May 2009, when he is seen as a prisoner in the United States. USA

According to the congressman, these reports indicate that «Cepeda would have met with Sierra to offer him political asylum in Switzerland if he offered information that would incriminate Uribe in criminal associations.»

Likewise, the congressman maintains, there are press reports according to which he would have met with other paramilitaries in the United States to make the same offer.

«If these reports are true, they would raise disturbing questions about whether a foreign actor had access to a prisoner in US custody for the purpose of corruption, interference in court proceedings and even bribing someone to commit perjury,» he says the legislator in the letter.

Díaz-Balart, who is a congressman for the state of Florida, asks Barr to confirm Cepeda’s sighting and share any records that exist of it, including possible recordings of their conversation that day or other future encounters.

Likewise, it asks him to clarify if there are records of Cepeda’s encounters with other paramilitaries under arrest in the United States.

«The reports of these visits raise serious concerns that they could have ramifications in the relationship between Colombia and the United States.» The legislation maintains after announcing that they in turn raise doubts about the conduct of the Barack Obama administration for authorizing the meetings .

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